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Finding the Zen of Travel and Letting the Destination Take Over

It’s a challenge to find what creates the pulse of a new city in our travels. The essence that really makes an area alive for me takes considerable time to recognize, and then takes even longer to actually find. I know that it’s breathing somewhere close by, but remains elusive […]


We’re Human Be-ings, so Why Do We Act Like Human Do-ings?

I’ve been indoctrinated into the culture of speed and busy-ness. Sometimes, I think I’ve hurried through life without really living it. Why is it so hard to slow down? Speed is fun, right? Slowing down could be equated with being lazy or not being mentally alert, or worse, with getting […]


Connecting With Strangers in a Strange Land 101

I like to connect with people by sharing the humor I see, while Ivan uses his smile and laugh to draw people in.  Perhaps it’s because we stand out in a crowd, that we always seem to make random connections with people. I mentioned to Ivan that many Taiwanese wear a ring […]

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