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Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

DSC00793The majesty of Taroko Gorge is impossible to capture in photographs. That doesn’t stop anyone from trying, of course. Its name by the indigenous tribe that lived in those mountains, the Truku people, means “magnificent and beautiful.” It truly is.

We went to get trail maps the first afternoon and were swamped by bus loads of Chinese tourists at Swallow Grotto. We decided that the best strategy was to start early in the morning before the buses arrived.

DSC00814There are many interesting natural features and trails in the park. The suspension footbridge here leads to a trail that requires a backwoods permit. It’s a hike we’d love to do when we return to Taiwan.

When we started very early, we were  able to take undisturbed pictures at the Baiyang water curtain. Originally part of a now defunct project to develop hydroelectric power, the tunnel has a water wall created by the spring that cracked the roof. We’re sure glad we had our dollar store raincoats with us.

DSC00945One cannot help but feel awed and humble by the triple water falls descending from the sky, or by the Temple of the Eternal Spring built into the side of a cliff over flowing water.