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Thou Wall, O Wall, O Sweet and Lovely Wall

In our travels we often notice tour buses parked in some remote parking lot where tired, native inhabitants indulge tourists with a staged performance. It may be entertaining, but it’s not the kind of authentic experience we enjoy. (Being served up by cannibals would be authentic, but that’s not in our travel plans.) Taiwan […]


Connecting With Strangers in a Strange Land 101

I like to connect with people by sharing the humor I see, while Ivan uses his smile and laugh to draw people in.  Perhaps it’s because we stand out in a crowd, that we always seem to make random connections with people. I mentioned to Ivan that many Taiwanese wear a ring […]


Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

The majesty of Taroko Gorge is impossible to capture in photographs. That doesn’t stop anyone from trying, of course. Its name by the indigenous tribe that lived in those mountains, the Truku people, means “magnificent and beautiful.” It truly is. We went to get trail maps the first afternoon and […]


View of Taiwan Coast from 1000 Feet

You really don’t get very far from the coast in Taiwan before you’re climbing a mountain. We were surprised to find that our GPS recorded our altitude at 300 meters during our afternoon at Kenting National Park. At a high point in the Park, there is a 5-story tower with […]

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