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Magical Castlepoint

Castlepoint, New Zealand, located on the eastern shore of the north island was actually named by Captain Cook himself, because the rock at the southern end of the bay resembles a castle. We spotted the Whakataki Hotel just outside the ridge of hills that hides the beach. Unbelievably, this hotel […]


Our Worst Travel Moments — Caught in a Dangerous Area

We’ve had so many fantastic moments traveling the world continuously for the past five years. In spite of all the “regular” living, there have been challenging moments when things have gone wrong. To be fair, things go wrong even if you live in one place for five years. We’re just […]


Glow Worm Stars

One popular attraction in New Zealand is the glow worm caves. In Whangarei, where we were cow-sitting, there was a free, city-owned reserve with three caves (zoom the map below for the exact location). The trails leading to the caves are well marked but the caves themselves are off the beaten […]

Burning Man and the World

The Burning Man Festival is, at its core, an arts and music festival, but with a twist. The price of admission only supports the infrastructure. No one is paid to entertain, and there is nothing to buy or sell. The twist is that the festival must be created by the […]

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