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A Monteverde Cabin on a Working Family Farm

After our ordeal of not being able to find our AirBnB rental in Manuel Antonio, Deena and I decided not to book anything in advance for the rest of the trip. We would just go look at places and try to negotiate a price if we liked it. When we […]


Do Hummingbirds Hum Because They Forgot the Words?

There was a large, very iridescent blue hummingbird that I’d never seen before. I tried to catch a good photo but she was shy and way too quick. I even tried explaining that the light was better on the other side of the tree. What do you expect. They have […]


Stalking the Wild Quetzel in the Monteverde Cloud Forest

While in Jaco, we frequented a certain micro-roaster coffee shop. When we told Juan, the owner, that we were headed for Arenal, he said “Oh, you must visit Monteverde. It’s very special.” We did. At an elevation of about 4000 feet, Monteverde is high enough to have coffee plantations and […]

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