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Jiayaoshui Coast

On the south-eastern coast of Taiwan, there’s an area famous for it’s alien beachscape of water-eroded rocks.  The sight of this lone fisherman reminded me of a typical Norman Rockwell painting.


The Southern Most Point of Taiwan

DSC00344Anyone who’s driven to Key West knows that at Mile Marker 0 of the Overseas Highway, there’s a concrete buoy that marks the southern most point of the continental United States. Taiwan has its own marker. We just had to do the tourist thing here and take our picture at the southern most point of Taiwan.

The best part of this experience was the girl who took our picture. She was from China and was bicycling around the entire island of Taiwan. It’s a loop of more than 1000 km (621 miles). She said it’s a popular thing to do among Asian cyclists. We took her picture on her camera and would’ve loved to hear more of her story, but she had miles to go before she slept; “promises to keep; and miles to go before I sleep; and miles to go before I sleep…”


Eluanbi Lighthouse

DSC00327At the southern tip of Taiwan, there’s a lighthouse that dates back to 1888 (during the Qing dynasty of China). It suffered damage during the various wars that affected Taiwan and the present white, canonical lighthouse was built in 1962. Outside the historical aspect, the Eluanbi Lighthouse Park has beautiful views.