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View of Taiwan Coast from 1000 Feet

You really don’t get very far from the coast in Taiwan before you’re climbing a mountain. We were surprised to find that our GPS recorded our altitude at 300 meters during our afternoon at Kenting National Park. At a high point in the Park, there is a 5-story tower with […]


Kenting National Park Caves

There are few places in the world where you’d feel safer on the street than in Taiwan. They have a low crime rate. Taiwan is one of the most hazardous places to live, though, if you consider the possibility of earthquakes. The simplified explanation is that Taiwan was formed by […]


Photobombing the Class Picture

We had just entered the Kenting National Park in Taiwan when a group of kids on a field trip was heading back to the bus and taking class pictures. Can you find Waldo.. er, me? It’s easy – they’re Asians and I’m not. Just look for the head that doesn’t […]

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