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The Zen of Soba

“There’s nothing equal to wearing clothes and eating food. Outside this there are neither Buddhas nor Patriarchs.” (Zenrin Kushû) During our last few days in Japan, our friend, Toshiko, said that she wanted to show us something, a surprise. Not having any clue, we met her near a subway station […]

There Are Cemeteries. And Then There Are Cemeteries

… like the Père Lachaise in Paris where Jim Morrison is interred, the Jewish cemetery in Crakow, Westminster Abbey or the Komarovo in St Petersberg. Okunoin in Japan is one of those special places. Centuries old, it holds the ashes of famous emperors, shoguns, samurai and poets. Sprawling into the […]


What We Miss in Japan Now That We Are in Taiwan 

Travel, for us, is all about our interaction with people; not seeing all the tourist attractions that a destination offers. So, the first thing we miss now that we are in Taiwan, are those good friends we made in Japan and with whom we shared a lot of good times. […]


Ishikiri – Mount Ikoma Hike

One of the really cool things about Japan: For a few dollars, you can take a train to the beginning of some great hikes. We started at Ishikiri station and hiked up toward Mount Ikoma. On the other side of this mountain (and the next train stop) is historic Nara. […]

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