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Micro-Roaster in Jaco, Costa Rica

As some of you know, coffee is not just an addiction with me. It’s a passion. Some years back, while searching the Interwebs for a better coffee, I discovered that it was possible to buy green beans and roast them at home. I did, and never looked back. I’ve learned […]


What Are We Doing in a Surfing Town?

Since neither Deena nor I surf, you may well ask what we are doing in Jaco Beach, the surfing mecca of Costa Rica. Yes, we did sit at the Backyard Bar, and watched the Saturday afternoon surf contest while sipping cold domestic Pilsen beer. That was more of an after […]


There’s a First Time for Every Scary Event!

Deena and I were in the Mas X Menos grocery store (a Walmart division) yesterday picking up some fruit and snacks. We’re in one of the grocery isles when I felt the floor shaking, like someone is driving a Mack truck down the next grocery isle. Instead of subsiding, it […]

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