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Magical Castlepoint

Castlepoint, New Zealand, located on the eastern shore of the north island was actually named by Captain Cook himself, because the rock at the southern end of the bay resembles a castle. We spotted the Whakataki Hotel just outside the ridge of hills that hides the beach. Unbelievably, this hotel […]


Ishikiri – Mount Ikoma Hike

One of the really cool things about Japan: For a few dollars, you can take a train to the beginning of some great hikes. We started at Ishikiri station and hiked up toward Mount Ikoma. On the other side of this mountain (and the next train stop) is historic Nara. […]


Fireflies and Waterfalls and Beers! Oh My!

Although Osaka starts at sea level, it is surrounded by mountains. Numerous hikes, both easy and challenging, are quickly and inexpensively reached by the great Japanese train system. One easy and fun hike is Minoo Park Waterfalls. We took an awesome evening walk there with a MeetUp group of about two dozen wonderful people, […]


Have You Met My Great-Great-etc Grandfather?

Handsome devil, isn’t he? Runs in the family. This guy was part of a monkey gang, stealing food from beach-goers in the Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica. This is the view from the beach where the monkey gang hung out. It’s funny how we all will stop and […]

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