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Food! Food! Food!

We attended the 3rd annual Encuentro Oaxaca, a food festival that introduces everyone to the variety of indigenous dishes in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Play the video for a “taste”.

Don’t Try This At Home

When we told our friend, CD, that we were heading to Japan, he commented “I understand it’s all about the ramen.” As a wine sommelier and aficionado of fine food, he nailed it. Perhaps he remembered the very first Japanese spaghetti western, Tampopo, where the hero helps a widow owner […]


The Fork Ran Away With the Spoon

While Deena and I were enjoying a tasty squash quesadilla at Salsa’s, I was musing on how nearly every culture in the world has variations on stuffed or rolled pancakes. Mexico has burritos; eastern Europe, blintzes; France, crêpes; Vietnam, banh xeo; Columbia and Venezuela, arepas. There are so many more, […]

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