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This Coffee Tastes Like Shit!

Ivan had a root canal beautifully done in Taichung, Taiwan but there wasn’t sufficient time to complete the permanent crown before traveling to Amed, Bali. To complete the crown, we had to hire a driver to take us to the 911 Dental Clinic in Denpasar, Bali, 2-3 hours away from […]


Ah, Coffee, +1

As it turns out, the best coffee shop in Taichung is just around the corner from our place. Julie, the owner, has a small roaster and maintains a freshly-roasted collection of various single-origin beans. She and her friend prepare great pour-overs as well as iced espressos, and just about anything […]


We ♥ Taiwan!

Deena and I both believe that people everywhere are basically good and friendly. The Taiwanese so greatly exceeded our expectations that we were amazed and touched. From our cruise, we had a one-day stop at the port outside of Taipei.  We wanted to visit a couple of places in the mountains. One […]


Micro-Roaster in Jaco, Costa Rica

As some of you know, coffee is not just an addiction with me. It’s a passion. Some years back, while searching the Interwebs for a better coffee, I discovered that it was possible to buy green beans and roast them at home. I did, and never looked back. I’ve learned […]

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