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Ride a Wild Horse Into the Sky

In an age of mass-produced plastic everything, I’m often moved by lost-art craftsmanship. When I was a child, carousels had hand-carved, hand-painted horses that went up and down on very visible mechanics to the raucous Calliope song. There are probably only 150 antique carousels in North America. The Binghamton area […]


Good Bean Hunting

As an ex-roaster who had ten different ways to make coffee at home, being weaned from excellent coffee is a zen exercise in patience and wabi-sabi. Imagine my delightful surprise at discovering a truly superb roaster in Binghamton, New York of all places. Coe not only knows how to buy […]



The original spiedies were marinated cubes of leg of lamb grilled to perfection on a skewer. Sure, we’ve all had marinated meat on a skewer. The Binghamton flair, however, was that it was served with a slice of soft white Italian bread that you wrapped around the four or five […]


You Can’t Go Home Again

(Full Disclosure: I really couldn’t finish Thomas Wolfe’s book You Can’t Go Home Again. Not that it isn’t brilliantly written because the prose was beautiful. I just couldn’t get my head into the story so I put it down.) On the way south from Toronto, we stayed a couple of nights […]

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