Meat Me at Mzoli’s!

A peculiar thing about the butchers in Cape Town, South Africa is that after you make your purchase, they’ll cook it for you to eat in or take out. One particular place that has become an icon over the years is Mzoli’s Meat. Mzoli’s is located in the township (Gugulethu) […]


A Not-to-be-Missed Restaurant in Ubud, Indonesia

We rarely rave about a restaurant, and we rarely rave about a coffee shop, partly because we’re both pretty good cooks and baristas. Here’s one exception: Locavore, a restaurant in Ubud, Indonesia, was started by three friends working in different restaurants who decided to create a niche for fine Indonesian cooking . Their concept […]


Show Bar Sunset Lounge

Show Bar is the best place in Taiwan to watch the sunset with a drink and tapas. If you’re ever in the southern part of Taiwan, near Kenting or Hengchun, this is the place to visit for happy hour. In one of those beautiful ironies, Show Lin, opened a bar […]


Ah, Coffee, +1

As it turns out, the best coffee shop in Taichung is just around the corner from our place. Julie, the owner, has a small roaster and maintains a freshly-roasted collection of various single-origin beans. She and her friend prepare great pour-overs as well as iced espressos, and just about anything […]

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