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Why We’re Leaving

Some time around November 2012, a series of “events” happened. It started with a major server crash. The RAID 5 disk storage, that’s supposed to be tolerant of hard disk failures, decided to act more like Raid The Fabulous Bug Killer, and crush all my drive data dead. All my hard drives were upside down with their legs in the air. No memory. Nada. Oh sure, I could re-build it from backups, but it wasn’t easy and it certainly wasn’t instantaneous.

In the aftermath of recovering my server, when I certainly did not have the time to fix things, the appliances started their revolt. One by one, the washing machine, the refrigerator, the car and the air conditioner joined the “Appliance Spring” revolution. I’d no sooner fix one thing when two more would break. My entire life was consumed by fixing.

Appliance Spring Revolt

The political backdrop to my sea of chores was the obvious and purposeful destruction of the Bill of Rights. The one tattoo that distinguished the United States from the rest of the world is being slowly deconstructed and destroyed.

The United States(, IMHO,) is rapidly descending to the status of Third World Country. Yet, we’re still paying First World prices. WTF?! Given that I’m somewhere near retirement, I decided that the United States is neither a viable nor desirable place for someone on Social Security.

Deena and I are of like mind, of course, so we set about the task of Where In The World Does Waldo Want to Live. Off to the web browser we go! There are a few good places in Latin America and apparently, Chiang Mai, Thailand has a huge expat community. While in the process of searching and evaluating, Deena came across a gaggle of expats that live no where in particular but just keep moving. What a concept!

We decided that’s for us. We’ll set off to foreign lands without an agenda and keep moving until we can’t. The adventure has a map. It’s a globe.