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About Us

What We Did

We are a couple that has sold, or given away, everything we own and are now nomadic travelers. We made the decision to do this in December 2012. It took us nearly an entire year to divest to the point of mobility. Although we have bedrooms in both Toronto and Florida, we keep all we own with us when we travel.

Where We Travel

We’ve no specific plan or agenda.

Some of our destinations are pretty roll-of-the-dice. For instance, we managed to book a cheap cruise across the Pacific that left us in Osaka, Japan. Guess what? We stayed in Osaka for three months – just what the visa would allow.

Our travel style is slow. There are two huge benefits to this. First, it’s less expensive than trotting around the globe with expensive air tickets. Second, it gives us a good chance to interact with locals. Travel? It’s all about the people.

How We Travel

We wear a big, broad smile wherever we go. We’re spirited and energetic about life and we love to meet others who have enthusiasm for anything. We are interested in hearing about their passions and their stories. We try to walk with our eyes and our hearts wide open, and are drawn to people who have a sense of wonder and open minds.

We embrace the many new faces who deeply touch us with each episode of our journey. Independent of countries, politics, race, religion all the machinations of governments, the citizens of the World continue to amaze us beyond our wildest expectations. Close encounters, however brief, have a great impact on us.

Our World has so much beauty and wonder, and so much for which to be happy and grateful. We cherish the moments of our journey because we really only have these moments. It is our life.

Who We Are

We value all the family and friends who have influenced our lives and continue to do so. We don’t take the world, or our place in it, too seriously. We are continuously exploring who we are and examining the world around us.

Living our lives the way we do now, as world nomads, experiencing other cultures and traditions, changes us. We are not the same as we were a year ago. A year from now, we will be different again. To grow in empathy is also why we travel.

We love to laugh and dance, listen and learn, and experience the awe of everything around us. We have both taken the road less travelled, and now together.

We are not shy, either to inquire or to seek beyond, or to joke about anything with anyone. Foreign travel means learning and appreciating another’s traditions and beliefs. We hope some day everyone will realize how much common ground we all have, and still be able to celebrate our differences.

Who We Were

Deena is a Canadian who lived in or near Toronto almost all her life. She’s a professional engineer, having studied civil and geotechnical engineering. A series of life-events at the beginning of the millennium prompted her to re-evaluate her life.  The result was the complete acceptance that her old life wasn’t working and she began a different way of life.

MinooHike_usIvan was born in upstate New York, U.S.A. (upstate is not near New York City). He came to Florida to work in his field of choice, biomedical engineering. After realizing how nice Florida weather was compared to those northern 6-foot snow drifts, he never left.

They met at a Burning Man regional event in Lakeland, Florida. At the time, Ivan was dressed in a bee costume (think John Belushi in the old Saturday Night Live comedy show). The ridiculous bee outfit became Ivan’s trademark costume and has even morphed into variations like the Steampunk Fetish Bee.


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. And I thought the creatively wild free sprit came from my fabulous mothers side… guess I got both… sending love, caio4now, M

  2. WOW! Although we’ve only met briefly prior to your Florida departure, this blog greatly enhances my feeling of having known y’all for a long time. That you’ve been kind enough to include me in your past blogs as well, It’s been quite an education for me. Your stories and pictures bring to life places and peoples that I never will encounter, but now can enjoy.
    I can’t begin to express how happy I am for you both, sharing your lives and adventures as one. Most of us can only dream about following our dreams. Thank you for including me in yours.

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