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Day of the Dead 2022

Well, we’re back again (maybe), with a Video-Blog instead of long text articles for now.

Lake PatzcuaroWith the pandemic “over” (if you can call it that!), we returned to the Day of the Dead Capital of the World – Lake Pátzcuaro in the state of Michoacán.

Of course, in Mexico, everyone attends to their ancestors’ graves on November 1, Dia De Los Muertos. What makes Pátzcuaro the Day of the Dead Capital is a small village on the northeast side of the lake, called Tzintzuntzan.

Here, they have a strong tradition of holding an all-night, candle-lit vigil by the graves. It attracts huge crowds of spectators (including us) as well as relatives. Of course, all those people attract hundreds of street vendors that set up everywhere. As a result, the locals close the main streets and set up entertainment in the town square.

Please enjoy our view of the event (complete with our costumes and painted faces) in the video below – click to play!

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