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Show Bar Sunset Lounge

Show Bar is the best place in Taiwan to watch the sunset with a drink and tapas. If you’re ever in the southern part of Taiwan, near Kenting or Hengchun, this is the place to visit for happy hour.

Show Bar is the best place in Taiwan to watch the sunset with a drink and tapas.

In one of those beautiful ironies, Show Lin, opened a bar where the “show” is the sunset. We met her through couchsurfing and enjoyed the moments we spent with her. She’s one of those true Citizens of the World that are such a pleasure to meet.DSC00282

Show will make you a drink with which to enjoy the beautiful show.

Deena and Show
Show makes the drinks
Located on a penisula, the view is also impressive from the cow field out back of the bar.

2 thoughts on “Show Bar Sunset Lounge

  1. Hey Ivan!

    How’s life treating you guys? I don’t know if you remember, but we met in Osaka last summer and I just stumbled upon your blog as I was looking for info for Kenting. After Jessika and I left Japan, we headed over to Taiwan for 10 days but didn’t get a chance to visit the South. Now that I’m back here until March for work, I want to take the time to go to Kenting. Any useful tips, couchsurfing buddies, places not to miss that you can share with me?

  2. Of course we remember you and your great travel blog:
    Kenting is a real happening place with lots of free sights to see and a terrific night market. Search for our articles on Kenting and see the map of a circuit around the area that you can easily do in a day on a rental scooter. Don’t miss getting in touch with Show who runs the bar at the famous sunset location. (sending her contact info via email to you). She has an inexpensive hostel and/or couchsurfing opp and shows generous hospitality with regard to meeting other locals and activities to do in the area.
    (Diving was was not something we would recommend in Kenting because the reefs aren’t pretty enough to justify the prices.)

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