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Fireflies and Waterfalls and Beers! Oh My!

Although Osaka starts at sea level, it is surrounded by mountains. Numerous hikes, both easy and challenging, are quickly and inexpensively reached by the great Japanese train system. One easy and fun hike is Minoo Park Waterfalls.

We took an awesome evening walk there with a MeetUp group of about two dozen wonderful people, most of whom are Japanese that speak English. We started at dusk so that we’d see fireflies on the return trip. And we did.

The high points of this hike are:

  • The trail passes numerous cascades along the river and ends at the base of a 100 foot waterfall.
  • Shops enroute sell beer from the local brewery. I tried the pilsner draft and a dark lager in a bottle. Both were delicious, clean and crisp.
  • Minoo’s other claim to fame is the first Mister Donut in Japan. Whoop-de-doo.
  • A treat that is absolutely unique to Minoo is the fried Japanese maple leaves. Numerous shops along the way to the falls make and sell them.




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