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It’s All About the Journey, Not the Destination

One of the questions we are often asked is how we decide where we will go next. We don’t plan very far in advance so we can seldom say where it might be. One determining factor is traveling inexpensively. There’s a Google app for that. Google Flights delivers a map […]


The Everglades River of Grass

After we returned from Costa Rica and before we left Florida, we spent six days in the Everglades National Park. Thanks to many activists, including Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, the government is trying to protect and restore what’s left of the River of Grass. What appears to be swamp land, the […]


You Just Gotta Love New Orleans

I was going back over the photo collection and remembering our walk in the French Quarter. We came across a parade on Bourbon Street of anti-gay fundamentalists which was followed closely by a group protesting the protesters.  


Bored On Board? Not Us!

When I was younger, I never thought of taking a cruise. My preconceived notion was that there would be nothing to do and I’d be terribly bored. After my first cruise, I realized that I could make the cruise just like my regular life – busy and fun. For this […]

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