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The Mystic Krewe of Orphans and Misfits, or MOMs Ball

Sometime back in 1974, the Mystic Krewe of Orphans and Misfits started a Mardi Gras party with classic American dance music whose only requirement to join was that you had to show up in full costume. Over the years, it has become the coolest party in town.

It’s mostly an underground party known to locals. Tourists can’t buy tickets online like they can for the other Mardi Gras Balls. Even if you do manage to have tickets, at the MOMs Ball door they have fashion police that will not let you in without a great costume. In some cases, they put people in Costume Jail. The way out of costume jail is to lose your pants or top, depending on your sex.


Having given away our entire costume collection1 , we rushed out to the local Goodwill stores and put something together. Fortunately, we had just come from Joel and Elise’s place and had lots of el-wire.

IMG_0444 IMG_0446 IMG_0448 IMG_0450 IMG_0451


6 thoughts on “The Mystic Krewe of Orphans and Misfits, or MOMs Ball

  1. LMAO. Your outfits are so rediculous. Somewhat hedious but it works. lol!
    So how do you get the details on this party? and how do you buy tickets?
    You guys, by the way, look great! and happy! Love it!

    1. Costumes’R’us’ 🙂 Quantum tipped us off about the party and Tyler hooked us up with tix. But if you’re single you can stand out front and ask if anyone is alone. Each invite is good for 2 so anyone alone can bring you in. I’ve also heard that if ur costumed well you can get in after 2am. Rumor is they’ll let anyone in after 2 with a good costume.

      When do you leave for SD?

    2. You have to know an actual dues paying member, Of which there are few. Ask for a INVITATION!
      Some members give invites away others sell the INVITES at a fee which will allow them to break even on their dues, several hundreds of dollars per year.

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