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Colonoscopy and Other Shit

(I know. I’m still ruminating about Costa Rica even though we’ve moved on. This is more of a rant on how broken the US medical system is.) People sometimes ask us how we decide where we’re going. In the case of our January trip to Costa Rica, the motivation was […]


Silently Serving Up Happiness

Ivan and I attended a Vipassana 10-day silent meditation retreat March 12-23 in Kaufman Texas. On the first day, I volunteered to become a Server, sensing somehow that help was needed. This totally altered the dynamic of my experience of the retreat compared to Ivan’s. Vipassana means seeing things as they […]


Waking Dreams of Death and Dying

Deena and I have just finished the Vipassana, ten-day, silent meditation course. One is completely off the communications grid, without phones and computers. All participants are silent, including even gestures to each other or making eye contact. One practises the meditation technique almost the entire day, from the wake-up gong […]


Costa Rica Rant

Tico Rico,Eco this Eco that, Justo Gusto, Coco Loco,   Pura Vida, Early morning howlers, Bird feeder fights, enterprising tourismo entrepreneurs, warm humid embrace, cloud forest downpours, majestic mountains, lush valleys, cute coati armies, warm breezes, “always use sunscreen”, Industrious leaf-cutting ants that can spell . . . . Panderias,  licoreras, pulperias, Let […]

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