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Back in the USSR USA and Short Term Plan

Back in the USSR USA

STATUS Update and Short Term Plan (with apologies to the Beatles for the title of this blog)

We landed back in Orlando last week and have been couchsurfing with friends. It was great to see Joel & Elise & Bri (and surprise visitor Deb). We also stayed with our old neighbors in Wilton Manors. That was a strange feeling being back near “our” house. We spent a fun night at The Cabaret in South Beach with our cross-dressing friend, Brandy Alexander. This week we’re in West Palm Beach where we’ve gone Irish Set Dancing and Country Line Dancing with our friend Andrew.

All this moving around has distracted us from blogging for a bit. We still have a camera full of photos to review and stories to tell about Costa Rica. We’ll get back to that soon.

In the meantime, this weekend, we’re heading to Historic Virginia Key Beach for The Love Burn.

Following the weekend, our plan is to spend a few days in the Everglades National Park. Then we’ll start journeying north out of Florida, and west across the panhandle towards the Lone Star state of Texas. There’s a slim possibility we’ll stop in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. It depends on whether or not we can find reasonable accommodations. The target in Texas is our 10-day, silent meditation at the Vipassana retreat.

On our way across Florida’s panhandle, we may even be meeting up with Nora, the woman who originally inspired us to this nomadic life. Her blog is The Professional Hobo. She happens to be in the panhandle this month, and so will we.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Back in the USSR USA and Short Term Plan

  1. was awesome to see you both!! (Deena I have been looking for just the right buttons for that jacket!!)
    Hope you get to visit New Orleans a bit…. one of my favorite places to go. Kind of nasty during Mardi Gras…. but can be lots of fun.
    Take care

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