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Take A Bow

There’s a First Time for Every Scary Event!

Deena and I were in the Mas X Menos grocery store (a Walmart division) yesterday picking up some fruit and snacks. We’re in one of the grocery isles when I felt the floor shaking, like someone is driving a Mack truck down the next grocery isle. Instead of subsiding, it got much worse. The racks holding the grocery products started rocking. We could hear bottles falling off the rack in the next isle and breaking on the tile floor.

We ran to the end of the isle. The next isle over was a mess of broken glass and liquid on the floor. The emergency doors swung open at the side of the building with red flashing lights and a loud horn. Employees were directing people outside. We left our cart with it’s lonely bunch of bananas and ran out.

The shaking subsided with no major damage that we could see nearby. Deena was shaking and I was afraid to go near any buildings in case there were aftershocks. After ten, fifteen minutes, we went back in and reclaimed our grocery cart and unmolested bananas.

Neither Deena nor I has ever felt an earthquake before. It’s pretty scary.

Apparently, the junction of the Carribean and Cocos tectonic plates goes right through the Gulf of Nicoya, just off the coast here. It’s something to consider if you’ve ever thought about buying land here.

Seismic activity, by the US Geological Survey
Seismic activity, by the US Geological Survey
Tectonic plates in Central America, from Wikimedia
Tectonic plates in Central America, from Wikimedia

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