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Free Travel! Between US and Canada

A few years ago, a couple that couchsurfed with us told that they had free transportation from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale. That peaked our interest since Deena still had a house in Toronto.

The secret is driving cars for snow birds! The company that organizes these drivers is CanadaDriveAway, and their website is Talk to the owner David Smaller and tell him you heard about it on our blog. As it happens, David himself is an aficionado of cheap travel and even couchsurfed at our house once. In Spring 2012, Deena drove a car north for CanadaDriveAway.

In the fall (NOW!), he needs drivers to go from Canada to the U.S. Most trips are down the east coast between Canada and Florida, but there are snowbirds in other places. (Phoenix is popular.) In the spring, he’ll be looking for drivers to go north. He also has some cross Canada trips that he fills with drivers. You have to fill out an application and provide documentation and a deposit. If all goes well, you’ll get money for the cost of gas and a free trip one-way. Of course, if your intention isn’t to wander around there, you’ll have to figure out how to get back on your own. It’s all explained in his FAQ.

All in all, we recommend HitTheRoad for budget travel. David is experienced and supportive. He’s easy to work with and his whole system just makes it win-win for everyone.

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