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The Thing to Do in Savannah Georgia

By sheer coincidence, we happened to stay a couple nights at an AirBnB host who is the director and instructing chef at the 700 Kitchen Cooking School. TripAdvisor lists taking a class here as the second highest ranked activity to do in Savannah, Georgia.

We weren’t there when Chef Darin was teaching a class. Serendipitously, he was having a Thanksgiving meal for his co-workers and friends and he invited us to dinner since we couldn’t take a class. All we can say is that he’s an amazing chef. (He’s a great host too!)

The cooking school is located in the historic section of Savannah at Mansion, right on Forsythe Park. Mansion has stay-and-cook packages too. If you love to cook like Deena and I, you might want to check into this as a different thing to do on vacation.

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