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Sacred Monkey Forest

Below is the album for our visit to the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali. The temples and altars of this Forest are still very much in use by the local village.

The monkeys, although accustomed to and well fed by the tourists, remain wild in their habits. They will grab food right out of your hand (and we advise you to give it up quickly!). They will also grab any bag you´re holding, your cell phone and sometimes shiny objects, like earrings!

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Sacred Bathing Pools

The original Bali religion, based in animism and ancestor worship, is at least 4000 years old. Over the centuries, it has been transformed by Hindu, Buddhist and Japanese influence until it is something unique to the Balinese.DSC01851

The first temples of the Sacred Monkey Forest may be more than 1000 years old. They have been replaced and rebuilt over the centuries because the volcanic island is subject to movement and typhoons.

Inside the Forest, a Dragon Bridge leads to the sacred bathing pools fed by river and spring. The temples and bathing pools inside the Sacred Monkey Forest are still in use by the local village.



A Not-to-be-Missed Restaurant in Ubud, Indonesia

We rarely rave about a restaurant, and we rarely rave about a coffee shop, partly because we’re both pretty good cooks and baristas. Here’s one exception:

Homemade prawn sausage, chicken consomme infused with local seaweed, shaved radishes, sunset clams and nasturium
Homemade prawn sausage, chicken consomme infused with local seaweed, shaved radishes, sunset clams and nasturium

Locavore, a restaurant in Ubud, Indonesia, was started by three friends working in different restaurants who decided to create a niche for fine Indonesian cooking . Their concept is unique in Indonesia: Nouvelle cuisine made with local ingredients.

All the dinner seatings were booked for months in advance. We were lucky to be able to make a lunch reservation even though it was low season.

DSC01807Since we didn’t want to eat too much, but wanted to taste everything, we ordered one prix fixe with beverage pairings and an extra entree.  (We’ll forgive that the wines and liquors were not local. Grapes wouldn’t be good in this climate anyway.)

In addition to the five course lunch, the restaurant also served sourdough bread with original dips and a few other plates that were not listed. There was a wow factor in everything we were served including the drinks. That’s an enviable record for any chef.

This is the most original restaurant we’ve ever enjoyed anywhere. The combination of finely honed chef skills, local tradition and local foods creatively presented is completely successful in Locavore Restaurant. If you plan to travel to Ubud, make a dinner reservation well in advance! It’s on Jalan Dewa Sita. We loved this place.